Welcome To The Journey Church

We are a trauma-informed and resilience-building, Jesus-centered, community of faith helping people become everything God created them to be.

YOU Belong Here!


Lent is a period of forty days lasting from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday. It is traditionally understood as a time of fasting and turning from ideas and behaviors that are toxic in our lives.  Join us at 7:00 pm for on February 22nd as we kick off Lent with our special Ash Wednesday service.

Church Done Different

The Journey is rooted in the historical church, yet finding new and innovative ways to engage our faith.  What makes us most unique is that the main focus of the Journey is to serve and support Odessa and the surrounding community.  Our pastoral staff chooses to not take a salary so we can help people in need in and around our community.  

Join us at 1328 W US Hwy 40, Odessa, MO 64076

(Next to the Odessa Clothes Closet)

SoJourn Youth Group

Every Sunday at 6 p.m. the 6th-12th graders of SOJOURN Youth gather to practice mindfulness, play fun games, and either study Scripture or serve the community.

Bible Study

The Journey has a bible study, in person and on Zoom, every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. Central Time, and we'd love to see you there!

Our bible studies are very informal and discussion-driven - we start the evenings off with a mindfulness moment, then read and discuss the text for the evening (usually part of or a whole chapter of Scripture).

Bible College & Seminary

Whether you are seeking ordination as an Anglican clergy member of the Way of Jesus, or are simply wanting to dive a little deeper into the beautiful depths of that Way through concentrated study, you are welcome to join the Emmaus Road Ministry School! We offer classes throughout the year.

Healing Pathways Counseling

Dr. Justin Meier offers low cost to no cost Family, couples, children's and Individual counseling services during the week. Whether you are looking to overcome depression, anger, anxiety, or you just want to experience some life transformation. Please contact us and schedule and appointment.

Divorce & Breakup Recovery

Divorce and/or Break Ups are one of the hardest things to over come. At the Journey we have developed a group just for that. Come and be supported by time tested and guaranteed strategies that will help you heal and start over again. And MOST IMPORTANTLY we promise zero judgment!

Journey Kids

Journey Kids is a safe and fun place for kids to learn about faith. It is lead by people in the field of Children's Education and also will offer great parenting resources for families.