Statement of Inclusion

Our first value is "everyone means everyone," and we state there that Jesus is "radically inclusive" - we are also aware, however, that those words are becoming increasingly ambiguous in our world and that many churches will loudly proclaim "all are welcome!" while remaining exclusionary toward certain groups of people. This statement is designed to offer clarity.

The Journey is committed to being fully open and affirming of our LGBTQ+ siblings - we define this as full participation in the life of the church, including all levels of leadership, and full participation in all the sacraments of the Church, including marriage. The Journey defines marriage as a sacramental union between two consenting adults.

The Journey is committed to being fully egalitarian - we believe in the full equality of all genders in the Church, in the workplace, and in the home. "Roles" in any of these spheres should be determined based on individual giftings and personalities rather than patriarchal gender norms, and all such roles should be fulfilled in the spirit of mutual, Christlike submission to one another.

The Journey is fully committed to the inclusion of divorced people, and divorced and remarried people who are navigating the complexities of faithfully raising mixed families. We recognize that these groups have been marginalized by the Church’s overwhelming focus on so-called "traditionally" structured families, and that these groups have been labeled "sinful," "unfaithful," and have even been subject to excommunication and other spiritual abuses. At The Journey, all families and family structures are fully accepted, treated with respect, and eligible for all positions of leadership in the church.

So, when we say "everyone means everyone" at The Journey, we mean it - no matter your gender, sexual orientation, marital status and history, or any other label or term that others may use to exclude you. It is our goal to strive to live up to this statement as a commitment to radical equality and repent as a community whenever we fall short of it.

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