What We Value

(these are our nonnegotiables)

The Journey's life and ministry revolves around seven core values - you might notice that these values are more action-oriented than doctrine-oriented. While doctrines are important, Christianity is first and foremost a way of life embodied by Jesus, and right beliefs (the fancy word is "orthodoxy") thus grows from a certain way of life (the fancy word is "orthopraxy").

  1. Everyone Means Everyone: Jesus is wildly inclusive, so we are too. Jesus welcomes everyone, even the misfit and the outcast. Everyone has a place with Jesus who desires one, and so everyone - regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, class, gender, ability, and sexual orientation - is welcome and affirmed at The Journey.

  2. Radical Hospitality: The wild inclusivity of Jesus goes beyond merely offering a seat at the table - not only is everyone welcome and affirmed, but we want people to feel both like a VIP (very important person) and completely at home when they visit The Journey.

  3. Intentional Generosity: Both The Journey and its members are challenged to openly give of their time, their skills, their encouraging words, and their finances whenever possible. Therefore, as a faith community we promise to set aside at least 50% of the money that comes in for serving and helping people in the community - yes, even people who don’t attend The Journey.

  4. We Still Watch for and Believe in Miracles: While the unexplainable might happen (and we call that a miracle), prayers are also answered when both we and the people around us act as the hands and feet of Christ for the sake of others (and we also call that a miracle). We still believe that God hears and answers prayers; however, we don’t view God as a magic genie in a bottle.

  5. Life Transformation: We believe that everyone has been created by God for this specific time and place in history. You have been given gifts, talents, and passions to make a significant difference in the world. At The Journey, we don’t want you to just come to church - we want to help you become everything that God created you to be! We want to help you find your purpose and make a difference in the world by discerning, cultivating, and celebrating every good and unique thing about you.

  6. The Way of Jesus: The path Christ walked (and the path we now attempt to walk) is not a checklist of do’s and don’ts. Rather, it is a posture, a way of being, and a progressive life journey that can be summed up in the phrase “self-sacrificial love.” Or, as Jesus himself put it, “Take up your cross and follow me.”

  7. Trauma Informed & Resilience Building: We recognize that there is a vast number of people who have experienced either serious and/or repeated trauma in their everyday life with whom we interact on a daily basis. As a church that cares about mental and emotional health as much as spiritual health, we promise to strive to be a safe place for all people to heal and build resilience, and we will actively promote opportunities and activities that will lead to better emotional and mental health.

The Journey Staff

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Justin Meier

Bishop Justin is Lead Pastor of the Journey, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the Emmaus way, Director of Church Planting for The Anglican Free Communion International, College/Seminary Professor, and is a Therapist at Healing Pathways.

Pastor Michelle Anderson-Keith

Pastor Michelle is a Licensed Lay Minister in the Diocese of the Emmaus Way. She serves as our Pastor to Children and Families.

She is currently a Seminarian and is working towards her Diaconal ordination.

Pastor Timothy Cathey

Pastor Tim currently serves as the Associate Pastor of The Journey. He is working towards his ordination as a Deacon in the Diocese of the Emmaus Way.

DeAnn Sunderland

First Aid and CPR Certified. DeAnn is our nursery & youth pastor.  She is currently a postulant in the Diocese of the Emmaus Way as she works towards ordination as a Deacon.